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The Plano Bar Association meets at noon on the 1st Friday of each month at Palio's Pizza Cafe in Plano located at 1941 Preston Road (SW Corner of Preston and Park), Plano, Texas.

We provide resources and networking for lawyers in the greater Plano area through the CLE offered at our monthly meetings as well as social opportunities and community service projects. Please check our calendar for a schedule of upcoming events. If you are interested in joining the Plano Bar Association or wish to renew your membership, please click on the login or register buttons at the top right of every page.

Past Presidents

1984-1985 Raymond Wheless
1985-1986 Harry F. Smith
1986-1987 1987-1988 Nathan E. White
1988-1989 Charles Sandoval
1989-1990 Douglas Floyd
1990-1991 Luke Laman 1991-1992 Scott Carpenter
1992-1993 1993-1994 Nancy Amick
1994-1995 John Goren
1995-1996 Deborah Brown Kovac
1996-1997 Michael Puhl
1997-1998 Scott Carpenter
1998-1999 Jean Power
1999-2000 Sharon Curtis
2000-2001 Savannah (Dyer) Sorrels
2001-2002 Ann Shuttee
2002-2003 Gwen Rawls
2003-2004 Susan Whitson Periquet
2004-2005 Shawn Ismail
2005-2006 Shelly Dukes
2006-2007 Keith Davis
2007-2008 Melinda Eitzen
2008-2009 Israel Suster
2009-2010 Bert Starr
2010-2011 Laura Calhoun
2011-2012 Stuart Brown
2012-2014 Kimberly Killebrew


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Officers and Directors

Penny Phillips - President

Brian Andrade - President-Elect

Jennifer Richardson - Secretary

Elizabeth Swan - Treasurer

Kimberly Killebrew - Social/LRS Director

Stuart Brown - Co-Social Director

Theda Page - Social Media Director

Laura Calhoun - CLE Director

Cynthia Dashiell - CLE Director

John Goren - Director at Large

Thomas Keen - Director at Large

Connie Pena - Past President

Plano Bar Association | 5100 Eldorado Parkway, Suite 102, McKinney. TX 75070

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